Our Safari Destinations

Masai Mara National Park

The quintessential Masai Mara safari delivers many attractions, as the reserve is home to an excellent year-round concentration of game, including the more than two million wildebeest, zebras and other antelopes that make up the famous Great Migration.  The wildlife of the Masai Mara is world-renowned, with the so-called “Big Five”- buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros – evident throughout the year. The “Big Nine” – including cheetah, zebra, giraffe and hippo – extends this experience.

Amboseli National Park

Crowned by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, the Amboseli National Parks is one of Kenya’s most popular parks. The park is home to more than just Elephants, and herds of wildebeest, zebra and impala graze on the open plains. There are areas of acacia forest that make for good birding, and are home to many small mammals. Cheetahs are also often sighted here. This area is also home to many Maasai communities, centered around the park.

Samburu Game Reserve, Buffalo Springs And Shaba

Samburu Game Reserve also has one of the best concentrations of elephant, but also good numbers of lion, leopard and as well as the plains game. Then, there’s the Samburu Special Five: Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Beisa Oryx, Somali ostrich and gerenuk (species that occur only in this part of the country). All three big cats, the lion, cheetah and African leopard can also be found here as well as wild dogs which are regularly seen.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park, which provides visitors with one of Kenya’s best-known images. Thousands of flamingos, joined into a massive flock, fringe the shores of this soda lake. A pulsing pink swathe of life that carpets the water, the flamingoes are a breathtaking sight. Established as Kenya’s first rhino sanctuary, Lake Nakuru National Park now hosts one of the largest black rhino concentrations in the country while substantial numbers of white rhino have also been introduced. Other indigenous mammals seen in the park include the hippopotamus (in the north-eastern corner), spotted hyena, lion (restocked), leopard, rock hyrax, bat-eared fox, wildcat, golden cat, Bohor reedbuck, Defassa waterbuck (in high grasses bordering the shore) and Colobus monkey, Rotschild’s giraffe, black and white rhinoceros

Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park is Kenya’s largest national park and an area that boasts the greatest biodiversity in the world. From crystal clear water gushing out of from the under parched lava rock that is the Mzima Springs  to the Shetani  lava flows, Tsavo West is a beautiful, rugged wilderness. During your game drives, you’re likely to see Tsavo’s famous red elephants, as well as lions, leopards, buffalos, hartebeest, zebra, giraffe, oryx, bushbuck, waterbuck and lesser kudu (unique to Tsavo). Tsavo is also home to 500 different species of birds.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Conservancy boasts the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa; in 2013, it reached a population milestone of 100 black rhino. It also houses the two remaining northern white rhino in the world. The Conservancy is host to the “Big five game” animals among a large selection of other African animals, which makes it a popular safari destination. Other rare animals that can be found on Ol Pejeta include the endangered African wild dog, oryx, Jackson’s hartebeest, Grevy’s zebra, serval, cheetah and bat-eared fox. The more common African wildlife can be found too, including giraffes, vervet monkeys, baboons, hippos, impala, eland, Grant’s gazelle, dik-dik, plains zebra, silver backed jackal, hyena. There are also over 300 bird species on the Conservancy.

Aberdare National Park

Picturesque, steep forested ravines and open moorland characterise the Aberdare National Park. The park provides a habitat for elephants, black rhinos, leopards, spotted hyenas, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, buffalos, warthogs and bushbucks among others. Rare sightings include those of the Giant Forest hog, bongo, golden cat, serval cat, African wild cat, African civet cat and the blue duiker.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a shallow basin lake, situated 80 km northwest of Nairobi in Kenyan Rift Valley. The lake is famous for its high populations of hippos and flamingos. There are over 1,500 hippos in the area, and you are almost guaranteed to see one. Boat safaris are one of the most popular activities at Lake Naivasha. Jetting out onto the lake is the best way to get up close to the hippos and flamingos in the lake.
The lake is a birder’s paradise as it is home to over 400 bird species. Lesser and greater flamingos flock to the lake, forming a wash of bright pink across the lake’s surface.
Giraffes, zebras, impalas, and waterbucks can be sighted in the immediate vicinity of Lake Naivasha, around Crescent Island, Crater Lake Game Sanctuary, and Longonot National Park. Lucky adventurers may even glimpse a leopard.

Mount Kenya National Park

Located in central Kenya, the landscape of Mount Kenya National Park is dominated by Mount Kenya (5,199m), the second-tallest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. Mount Kenya National Park supports a unique afro-alpine ecosystem, and it serves as a crucial drainage basin which supplies Kenya’s water. Many adventurous travellers come every year to hike up its challenging peaks. Visitors can enjoy mountain climbing, camping and caving with the mountain’s rugged glacier-clad peaks providing the perfect backdrop.